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April 19, 2016

IoT: Opening Up A Whole New World of Online Business Opportunities

An IoT software design business might not have been the first thing you thought of when considering what direction to go in with your own online business, but maybe it should be. Because the fact of the matter is that, as the Internet of Things (IoT) begins to grow and develop, it can bring with it a myriad of possible opportunities for skilled IT professionals.

Whether most people realize it or not, the IoT already exists. It’s in place all around us every day; from technology that allows cars to park themselves to DVR’s that can be remotely programmed to record to complex home security systems that allow you to control everything from the locks to the lights wherever you might be, you probably interact with the IoT all the time without thinking about it.

But like most things in life, we tend to take it for granted until it’s suddenly not there or not working the way we expected it to. Then suddenly we find ourselves needing expert help to get our appliances, security systems, electronic equipment and other modern conveniences back up and running again. And since it has become such a standard part of our lives that need for function is almost as urgent as the need for a good plumber. We literally can’t function without it.

And like plumbing, the software behind this technology that we’ve become so dependent on is beyond our ability to fathom. We know it’s there, we need to use it, but most of us have no idea how to actually make it work. That’s where trained IT professionals come in and why having an IoT software design business can be so very lucrative.

With the right knowledge, you can set yourself up as the go to person for solving all of those niggling little problems that the IoT and its accompanying technology bring up. Every piece of equipment that runs on computer technology needs to have a working program in order to do what it’s supposed to do. And the better the design of those programs, the better the function of the equipment.

Like most areas of the technological world, the IoT is still developing and growing and that means that the software involved is constantly in a state of flux, being improved upon and tweaked to make it run more smoothly. That means there is always an opportunity to come up with something new and better and having an IoT software design business could put you on the cutting edge of this exciting trend.

Whether you’re designing new software or working to improve upon or simply repair what already exists, there are an almost infinite number of possibilities for you to launch a profitable internet business focused on the IoT. The idea is to identify your individual skills and package them in a way that makes you stand out as an expert in this emerging new field. If you can put together the right set of selling points, you’ll have customers flocking to your door before you know it.

If you’re an IT professional looking to put your skills to work for you, why not consider launching an IoT software design business? You just might find a whole world of opportunities waiting for you as you put people in touch with the objects around them through the use of innovative technology. It’s the wave of the future and it just might be your road to internet success!

Tom Gruich

February 10, 2016

RFID Supply Chain Management – The Latest Trend In IT

Having an RFID supply chain management business may not be something you’ve considered before, but perhaps it should be. While the terminology may seem complicated, it’s actually a pretty simple idea: every company that sells merchandise needs to keep track of their goods from production to sales. That’s the chain of supply and even the slightest kink in it can sink a business.

That’s all well and good, but how does this apply to the IT world? Well, not surprisingly, as with most things in this world, supply chain management has become computerized. The use of radio-frequency identification (RFID), has been incorporated into many different applications that can help companies stay on top of everything from manufacturing to inventory control.

While these tiny chips, each of which can hold tons of information, represent a major jump forward in business operations, not all business owners fully understand how to put this amazing technology to use. Instead, they often rely on trained IT professionals to help them manage and interpret the data on RFID chips in order to determine how their manufacturing process is working, what the status of their inventory is or how sales are going.

There is more to using this technology than simply scanning the chips, and that’s why your services with an RFID supply chain management business could be so crucial. By farming out this part of the process to an outside source, businesses can save time and money, something that is always attractive to folks who have to constantly keep an eye on the bottom line.

You can help them to keep those expenses down by offering your specific knowledge of RFID technology, your ability to understand the software involved and to interpret the information gleaned from scanning the RFID chips. All of which makes you a crucial element in maintaining the delicate balance between supply and demand that is at the heart of every business, whether a large corporation or a small mom and pop concern.

Through your RFID supply chain management business, you’ll be able to advise business owners on the best way to handle their all-important data and show them how to manage it wisely. You can also offer protection to keep that data from becoming corrupted, as well as allowing them to apply the data to their best advantage, improving the overall chain of supply for everyone involved.

Not only can this service help them to cut overhead and reduce expenses by enhancing their ability to get merchandise to their customers, it can also help to increase profits. Considering that profits are the bottom line for any business, you can begin to see why maximizing supply chain management is so incredibly important. And with the right marketing approach, you can position yourself as the answer to all of their needs in this vital area.

If you’re considering going into business for yourself in the IT field, why not look into creating an RFID supply chain management business. This might be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for and the ideal way to help yourself succeed while helping other businesses at the same time.

Tom Gruich

December 20, 2015

System Integration – Helping Businesses Bring Their Data Together Effectively

System integration is defined as the process of bringing together different computing systems and software applications both physically and functionally. It can mean the difference between a company that functions smoothly and one that is hindered by all sorts of speed bumps in the road. And it can be a relative gold mine for individuals seeking to start up their own online IT business.

For any business to succeed it is not enough to have a good product or service, you need to deliver that product or service to customers in a timely and efficient manner. Computer systems are what enable companies these days to do just that, so having one that works optimally is vital. Consequently, an information technology business that can help companies to do this can be extremely valuable.

Having a computer system that enables you to get your product from point A to point B may require some intricate juggling and data manipulation, functions that are likely well beyond the capabilities of most companies. If they want this important process handled correctly, these companies should be eager to get the help they need from an outside source.

With your IT training, you can help them achieve this end using various techniques including computer networking, business process management and manual programming. You’ll be able to put your skills with software and hardware engineering, your knowledge of a broad range of programs and your problem solving skills to use to create the integrated system that their company needs.

There are various methods that can be used in system integration and you can weigh the needs of the company against the various individual systems in use to ascertain which is the best choice in each particular instance. You’ll also be able to guide your clients through the process so that they can understand exactly what they’ll be getting and make sure that the system they end up with works for them.

Of course, there’s more to this particular type of information technology business than just choosing a method and implementing it. Often, there can be specific issues involved in converting data from one format to another as you integrate various applications. That’s another area where your extensive IT knowledge and experience can be extremely valuable.

With all this in mind, you can see how system integration is both an important and complicated process. If you market yourself properly, with a focus on this area, you’ll be able to find a potentially profitable niche in the growing IT field that will allow you to establish yourself as an independent IT professional.

If you’re trying to establish your online IT business, don’t overlook the area of system integration. Helping businesses make their data work better could be the key to success for both them and you.

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Tom Gruich

December 3, 2015

A New Direction For IT Business: Database Design Consulting

Looking to start your own online IT business and not sure which direction to go? Have you considered a database design consulting business? Well maybe you should. It could be just the niche you’re looking for to establish a successful IT business. If you have the know-how and technical expertise to get the job done, then you could be looking at a whole new world of opportunity.

When you realize that every business uses a database of some kind, you can begin to see just how important database design really is. Everything from small businesses to large corporations relies on the smooth operation of their computer database, but most individuals involved with those businesses don’t understand how to put together a database that works for them.

This is where you come in. Because it’s not enough to simply have a database, it needs to function properly for the user so that they can stay on top of their businesses needs and take care of their customers properly. The ability to design and implement a functional database is essential and that’s why many existing companies would be eager to hire the services of a database design consulting business.

As an experienced IT professional you can offer companies the assistance they need to create and implement a functional database. You can assure them that it will be tailored to their needs and back that up by talking with key personnel to make sure you know exactly what they need from their database.

Then you can create a custom database, using the latest technology to complement their existing business practices so that their entire operation will be able to function more smoothly. You’ll be able to take into account such needs as data storage, retrieval, use and security to cover every step of the process and ensure that their data is properly handled at all times.

Not only can you create a high-quality database, you can also oversee movement of existing data into it so that nothing gets lost or corrupted and then make sure that data can be manipulated within the new database without difficulty. And, of course, you’ll be able to advise your clients as to the best security measures to take to make sure that their data remains safe at all times.

Being able to know that their data is doing exactly what they need it to and is accessible and accurate whenever it is needed can be a big relief for any business. Having a skilled and reliable IT professional to turn to in order to create that dependable and smooth functioning database is invaluable.

Don’t underestimate the value of a good database design consulting business. You just may find yourself more in demand than you had ever expected. This could be a whole new direction for your online IT business, so make sure you consider it along with your other options and you’re sure to find that success you’ve been hoping for.

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Tom Gruich

September 24, 2015

When It Comes To Storage A Private Cloud Security Business Has The Advantage.

Whether public or private, one thing is certain…cloud storage is here to stay. In fact, studies show that by 2018, 31 percent of all data will be stored in public cloud servers and 69 percent will be in private cloud servers. The cloud has become a regular part of life for all businesses; the only remaining question is whether a private cloud security business makes more sense than a public server.

There are several distinct advantages to using private storage over public storage. The primary one being control over your company’s data. With a public server, a company basically leases storage space from a third party provider that they share with a number of other customers. On the other hand, with a private server a company essentially owns and operates its own servers or leases space directly from a dedicated data center.

Another big advantage to a private cloud security business is maintaining control over your own data. With a public server, the third party provider is responsible for security and if they don’t do a thorough job of it, the customer’s data could be at risk. In a private setting, customers retain total control over their own data and will feel more comfortable relying on a skilled and trustworthy IT professional to provide security.

Another major issue is limiting access to data. Obviously, with a public provider, the customer’s data is being stored alongside data from a number of other customers and the more people who have access to that data, the more likely it is for the data to become compromised. This is true even if the public server puts security measures into play because there is simply no way to adequately limit access.

On the other hand, with a private cloud server, access is limited to the customers themselves and you as the direct service provider. As a trained IT professional, you can step in and assure your customers that their data is in good hands and being carefully monitored, which should put them at ease.

Having continual access to data is a critical issue for any company. While both public and private servers promise 24/7 accessibility, they can’t always deliver equally. Public servers tend to have larger storage capacity, but they are also linked to main service providers and should those providers go down for any reason, access to company data could be limited.

Private storage can allow for expansion over several servers but they can be limited by the amount of server space that the company or the private storage business has. Again, though, this is where you can step in and put your IT skills to work, allowing companies the ability to keep their data safe and secure without risking the unknown with a public storage service.

Any way you look at it, having a private cloud security business could be the wave of the future for IT professionals with the right skill set. This is definitely an avenue worth looking into if you want to get yourself set up with an online business. Consider all the possibilities the cloud presents and make sure you’re in the right position to get in on this wave of the future.

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In the meantime, here is a way to pick up some extra cash and supplement your income until you successfully set up your new information technology business.

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Tom Gruich

September 7, 2015

Mobile Marketing Is Rapidly Overcoming Its Slow Start

The United States has experienced a slow start in the field of mobile marketing. But there are signs showing that the US is beginning to address the technological deficiency and are rapidly replacing earlier forms of internet marketing. This growth in mobile marketing is spurred on by the growth of IT professionals who are becoming more adaptive to the smartphone and its expansion in connective situations.

There are estimates that 75 percent of people all over the globe use a mobile cell phone. An the interesting thing to think about is that many of these mobile devices are smart phones and include small computers the fit easily into our purses and pockets. All of this leads to the conclusion that it is now possible for advertising to become more interactive and connective to marketing demands.

Because there is a lack of knowledge for marketers and brand names, there is a definite hesitancy for investing in mobile marketing. The technology has failed to immediately attract people and has imposed a sense of intimidation to some. In addition to all of this, the business field requires that additional start-up costs are needed where as a number of social media marketing methods are free.

Salary surveys show that mobile-commerce employees command a higher value than those who are creating various tools for e-commerce solutions. The growth of job opportunities in the mobile marketing industry is reaching record levels.

If you examine the behavior of job-seeking ads you will find that many of them are looking for people who have some experience in mobile marketing areas. In addition, online and offline publications are writing large numbers of content devoted to technologically advanced persons who are being placed in top rated positions that are increasingly bringing mobile marketing topics to the forefront.

Most statistics show that the majority of users are looking for products at local business establishments. Almost half of these Google searchers are using their mobile phone while they employ the internet service.

Some mobile platforms offer coupons that you can take advantage of while you may be comparing prices at various stores. This kind of advertising provides consumers with optional opportunities that helps them avoid situations where spamming practices are employed by solely using brand names.

Traditional online advertising costs are often less expensive making mobile ads more attractive. The reason this is so is because there is a lower number of competitors who know how to best apply this technology for profitable gain.

A number of mobile phone manufacturers are offering easy-coding tool-kits to help companies easily build apps that promote there products. These companies are also providing free apps to help businesses adopt mobile marketing techniques.

The final conclusion is that mobile marketing is soon to be the most favorable method for Companies of every size to grow their business and expand their reach for higher sales.

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Tom Gruich

September 4, 2015

Value Added Software Could Be Your Key To IT Success

Considering value added software as part of your online business? Well, maybe you should be. In the ever growing IT world, it can be difficult to maintain an edge, but this could be one easy way to do it that would be a positive for both you and your customers. If you’re looking to make yourself stand out from the competition, any edge you can get helps, and this is a good one.

The concept is really quite simple. You take an already existing product or service and add features to it so that you can increase its overall value. From the point of view of the seller, it allows you to repackage what you already have and put a whole new spin on it, which can consequently increase the face value of the product. It’s a commonly held practice that can help to keep a company’s offerings fresh.

On the buyer’s side, it gives them a whole new product to choose, and if that product is a software package that contains various elements from previous versions, it can be much more convenient to get everything they need under one umbrella. Of course, it can apply to more than just software. You can provide value added services too, whether you’re in tech support, data processing or have a database design business.

Again, the theory is the same…by taking your existing services and adding more features to them, you can provide customers with a whole new service that can do more than they may have anticipated. In terms of database design, you can help develop a system, provide maintenance and even include cloud storage capabilities to give customers a full service experience.

When you’re trying to set up a business in the extremely competitive IT field, any edge you can get helps. Along these lines, the inclusion of value added software is certainly a plus. It’s a burgeoning trend in the IT field and by staying on top of it and allowing your customers to take advantage of it, you’ll be helping them to keep their own business on the cutting edge.

In terms of services, added value can come from such things as integrating and customizing databases to consulting in various areas of IT, to providing on-site or off-site training and implementing the database features. This is all part of a comprehensive database design business and can help you to stand out from the pack provided you have the know-how to pull it off.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless. Anything you can do to add value to the services and products you offer will only help you in the long run. It will show your customers that you have the drive, flexibility and knowledge to provide them with the very latest in information technology. For most businesses, which struggle to cover their own IT basics, it can seem like a godsend.

So if you’re considering setting up your own online IT business, don’t forget to implement the concept of value added software and services to your repertoire. It may help you to get a significant leg up on the competition and that can make all the difference when you’re trying to carve out your niche in the IT field.

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Tom Gruich

August 15, 2015

How Accurate Is Your Data? Only A Good Auditor Knows For Sure

A data accuracy audit business ideally shouldn’t be necessary, but anybody who works with any type of data regularly knows that this isn’t true. As long as human beings are compiling the data in question, there will always be room for error and that means there will always be a need for IT auditors. If you’ve got the right skill set, you can position yourself as the person businesses need to ensure the accuracy of their data.

Almost every business uses some sort of database: from customer and sales records to bookkeeping to in-house procedures and everything in between. And any of these groups of data can be flawed. When a company is relying on this data in order to function optimally, these flaws can act as speed bumps, slowing the flow of business down or even stopping it in its tracks.

This is why it is imperative that companies ensure the accuracy of their data. Even the smallest of inaccuracies can lead to a giant mess, so the sooner they can be identified and corrected, the better for everyone involved. But finding and fixing them can be much more difficult than it sounds, especially if the person doing the data audit is not trained properly.

Companies may think they can handle their audits internally, but this a common misconception. As anyone who has ever tried to proofread their own work knows, it is all too easy to overlook even a blatant error, and the more times you read the original text, the more flaws you tend to miss. When you’re talking about large sets of technical data, that process becomes even more complicated and much more likely to produce inaccurate results.

This is where the value of an independent data accuracy audit business can be seen. Sometimes, no matter how valiant your effort, what you really need is an outside set of eyes to spot the problems. This is particularly true of inaccuracies in data. As a trained IT professional you can provide companies with exactly the resource they need to keep their data as clean and accurate as possible.

The key to starting a successful business as an IT auditor is making companies see just how important this service really is. They may not be able to understand the intricacies of data management but most business owners can relate to the effect of data inaccuracies on their bottom line. Make sure they know that accurate data is the key to successful business operations and, ultimately, greater profits.

Once you’ve drawn that connection, you can then suggest the importance of having a trained professional audit their data to check for inconsistencies and other errors. Then you can show exactly why you are the right person for the job, highlighting the technical knowledge and IT training that allows you to look at even the largest data sets with an eagle eye.

Soon you’ll be watching your own business grow as more and more companies begin to rely on your services to ensure the accuracy of their data. So when you’re considering your options as an IT professional, don’t overlook the possibility of starting a data accuracy audit business. Helping to keep other companies’ data correct may just help you clean up financially.

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Tom Gruich

August 4, 2015

Even Information Technology Hobbies Can Spawn Hard Cold Cash!

Now that you are familiar with the internet you could transform your experience into an even more satisfactory situation by finding a way to integrate your hobby into a profitable business. This article will suggest some things you can do to achieve this goal,

As it turns out, the world wide web is an excellent place to offer how-to instructions to give others the ability to achieve their goals using tools and materials within their hobbies. This does not apply to every one. Some buyers are satisfied with the consequences of your effort and may enjoy your hobby’s outcome and make a purchase based on items of interest or as works of art instead of how-to accomplish the same results.

Investigate any book sellers outlet and notice how many people are spending money on learning more about their hobbies. Take a look at the book shelves and notice the large number of books devoted to various hobbies. Your conclusion should surely center itself around the idea of how the hobby industry is a big business.

There are many kinds of formats that information can be delivered in. These kinds can be sold as videos, eBooks, hard copies, streaming audio and video, and many more forms of information.

The hottest commodity on the internet today is probably information and information related to hobbies is – most likely – the best category to consider profiting from. It would be easy for you to quickly create a simple how-to information product based on your knowledge of your hobby and publish your results on the internet. You could – concurrently – set up an automated system to receive the money and deliver the final product to the customer.

Or, You might feel better handling tangible products that you sell through websites like eBay and take care of all of the billing arrangements yourself – along with shipping your products manually and handling refunds. In any case, you will discover a long list of niches to select from in the world of hobby materials and products.

Since anything you can do can be turned into a hobby like maybe building a working robot from a fully equipped LEGO set to finding new algorithms to solve toy helicopter auto flight problems. Some hobbies are way out of the ball park but spur people’s interest, like finding ways to automate your appliances so that they call a service provider when they detect problems in their performance – long before they actually fail.

It is important to keep your focus as narrow as possible. Write about a particular model of various 3D printers on the market. Instead of speaking about the operation of a 3D printer in general, talk about how to operate one particular model to produce 3d favorite pet figures.

Considering the possibility that your hobby resides in the information technology field, then you can make money by writing a how-to guide on setting up your own 3D printer or how to make 3D replicas of your site visitors pets. You could also write an information product showing others how to make a profit by using their 3D printer hobby.

To reach the right consumers who would be interested in your product you need to spend time gathering effective keywords that favorably point to your offer. This effort should come long before you devote any time to developing marketing material.

There are many ways to supplement your income but all of them require that you pick up a few tips on how to market and promote yourself in the information technology business. Along those lines, here are two guides that can help you reach your goals. (1) These 10 Simple 1-Day Challenges Can Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Subscribers, Readers, And Even Your Income… (2) Get More Done In 30 Days Than You Did All Year – Marketing Success In Under a Month:

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Tom Gruich

July 21, 2015

Future Concepts for Storing Massive Amounts of Data – An IARPA Strategy?

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By Lance Winslow

We need a new long-term information storage strategy, and if we do not find one we will not be able to enjoy the future promises before us. If we are to store everyone’s DNA, every world transaction, and all the data from all the objects connected to the Internet of things, and all the NASA data, particle physics experiments, and all the information that’s created by 7 billion plus people on the planet each and every day we are going to need a better way. Okay so, let’s talk shall we?

What if we could store data using a quantum physics strategy, encoding magnetic tape, but tape unlike the old mainframe IBM tape, a new type of nearly invincible tape that could last a 1,000 years at room temperature? Yes, I am serious.

What if we borrowed an idea by that Russian Scientist using tape to capture carbon atoms one-atom thick to get graphene? Then encode the grapheme and store it on your tape, or something like this. If we coated it with sulfur atoms on the other side of a very thin porous tap, we’d store the data even if the tape dissolved in the future, because it could hold the imperfections of the graphene, or inadvertent folds of the grapheme in place.

What about if we could store information in DNA strands?

DNA might be a better option still, as we can work with four components, Letters. How about small slivers of DNA encoded and then encapsulated in carbon nanotubes. You can store a boat load of information in DNA, even dual codes on the same, as biotech scientists have recently discovered, codes within codes.

How about adding dimensions?

How about storing and computing with information through time? How about taking a Rydberg Atom and playing with the spins of electrons and chase information through the vortex of the spin. Reading through time, on another trajectory on the walls of the vortex or inside the walls for multidimensional computing? All you have to do is be able to manipulate it precisely, and read it, as you go.

Back to the DNA concept, consider this:

You could take the DNA from a Dinosaur egg which grows 50-times faster than a chicken egg, and use a benign virus which would replicate incredibly fast and calculate on its RNA, once the calculations are complete freeze it. We can read the DNA from Dinosaur eggs now, what 450 million years of storage? See that point. I just think we need to think outside the box.

It is not that I am not against IBM tape storage – many corporation have data on tape sitting in Salt Mines, Iron Mountain facilities. But we can store better now, and once in a salt mine, you don’t have to worry about EMP for instance. Dig down, bury it, then it is only a matter of how much data you can store on the smallest known device.

If we wanted to store all the data of life on Earth, we could even send that data on light waves and someday duplicate life on Earth by sending the instructions elsewhere – like a seed, zip-file, or program (algorithmic style). Find a host planet with the proper needs for life, send the plan, a little at a time as it evolves. Terraforming + life + species level DNA + information about everything. A slower process than Star Trek transporter but within our current technology plus or minus 10-15 years of research from right now today? Think about it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Concepts. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

Article Source:—An-IARPA-Strategy?&id=8262165

There are many ways to supplement your income but all of them require that you pick up a few tips on how to market and promote yourself in the information technology business. Along those lines, here are two guides that can help you reach your goals. (1) an incredible guide on using systems and checklists to make your business easier and more profitable all the way around (2) Here’s Exactly How To Become An Expert On A Profitable Topic… Starting In Just One Day:

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(2) How to Become an Expert on a Topic in One Day

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