XML Concepts Give The DB Designer Strong Visualization Tools.

XML does have its advantages. Most developers only think about it briefly as a design scenario and then become so busy following their usual paths of design they find little time to really try new ways. This situation usually arises because the right kind of information is often not readily available.

But, you get a clearer picture of what action to take when you spend more time thoughtfully examining the possibilities. So let's go ahead and examine 3 reasons why you might want to use XML concepts as a key component in designing your database.

Improved Potential For Easier Design Of Multiple Dashboards to View Database Performance.

First off, XML ideas provide instant structure with limited technical requirements. O.K., I understand you when you object that XML seems too remote to your immediate needs. I concede your point, but this approach makes it possible for a data tree to emerge quickly from your business application research providing you with greater overall visibility.

Data Tree Design Improved Because Many New Software Interfaces Now Made Available.

Second, XML enforces the data tree approach leading to a hierarchy of terms that model your business intent with flexible record structure possibilities. Plus, it encourages your mind to freely add pertinent tags to enrich your design. And these design techniques continue to support your efforts during the entire development process.

Data Analytics Sharpens Because Improved Mental Scenarios appear With Greater Frequency.

Third and last, XML leads eventually to user friendly operational-scenarios that show up in the application interface because of the mandated software that addresses the XML structure. This will most likely mean that your user will be able to request functional modifications and discover that you will be able to deliver.

Changes and additions come to you with ease because your control of the project stems from your well-designed structure that allows you to variously add, edit and delete tags because XML has a strong visual aspect build into its methodology. Again, you see more of the design because of the available design concept you have chosen!


The design approach using XML described in this quick writing is a sure fire plan that will project the outcome you hope for. Each idea expressed above allows you to discover new ways to overcome plain vanilla database designs and gives you the visible aspects you will need to build the best data storage software system on the market today.

Tom Gruich

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