Is GPS Software For Your Company?

GPS software could help increase your company’s profitability. A designer’s project planning document will help you see the costs and potential profits before the system is installed. The project planning is really a set of three important reports.

These reports cover feasibility, requirements analysis and specifications. The feasibility and requirements analysis are topics you or your company can contribute heavily to; but you may need your information tech department to provide greater input. If you or your company are using an outside source, you may need to pay a small fee for the service.

The Military Birth Of GPS (Global Positioning System)

At one time, the global positioning system was used primarily by the US government. Currently, anyone with a receiver can use the system for map-making, surveying or navigating. Navigation is the most common use in the civilian world. It is the area in which the greatest increase in profits may be seen.

Transporting Merchandise Is A Great GPS Activity.

In the transportation industry, profits are increased by getting goods or individuals from one location to another in the least amount of time without breaking any speed limits. Being able to find an alternate route in case of a road closure could prevent late deliveries or spoilage of fresh produce. In addition, much of the data can be sent back to the company’s database to record information that good prove useful for subsequent cost analysis.

Additional GPS Applications.

Car rental agencies are realizing increased profits and fewer losses through the use of geo-fencing, a vehicle tracking system that allows them to locate their vehicles. The signal sent out by the receiver can be accessed through the internet or over a mobile phone.

Increased profits are sometimes due to the ability to offer additional services or products to customers. For example, geo-fencing can be used to locate a lost pet. Veterinarians and pet supply stores are selling special receiver-equipped collars. The owners make use of existing GPS software applications to find their lost pets and get them home.

Rental companies can use GPS along with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to track their rented vehicles or other types of equipment. RFID tags can work with GPS and WiFi to help the seller of the service to identify the location and record time of possession along with additional valuable data.


During the project planning stage, you will decide which applications your company can use. Your system designer may be able to offer suggestions at this stage. For each application, a feasibility study may be necessary. Some of the questions might be as follows: Is this really something that your company can do? How long will it take for the increased profits to pay for the costs of installing the system? What about reduced losses?

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