Database-driven Software for the Small Business Owner

If you have a small business, database-driven software can help you operate more efficiently and effectively.  Regardless of what you sell or the services that you provide, there are dozens, if not hundreds of things that you must keep track of on a daily basis.  You can either spend your time pulling your hair out or do what we’ve done with our businesses.  We capitalize on the available technology.

In this day and age, it is amazing that some people still operate their businesses without a database.  In talking with other small business owners, it seems that many of them think that databases are only for big companies.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Other owners have concerns that installing database-driven software would be too expensive.  Again, that’s simply not true.  Actually, the fact that the big companies use these kinds of programs is the reason that we small business owners can afford them.

Large businesses pay a lot for their programs because they need to upload a lot of information.  They also require redundancies and employee lock-outs.  When you don’t have a large number of employees or a lot of data, the programs are affordable.  In the long run, it will cost you more not to have one.

What’s the total value of your current inventory?  With database-driven software, you can access that information quickly and easily.  How much depreciation will you be able to deduct from your business taxes this year?  If you have equipment, vehicles, furnishings or anything else that depreciates, an easily customizable program can have those figures ready for you whenever you need them.

Is it time to reorder supplies or inventory?  If you cannot easily access the answers to those questions, you could be running around town trying to find something for a customer.  You will, of course, pay more for it than necessary, because you failed to reorder earlier.  A small business owner cannot afford to make that kind of mistake, not if he or she wants to stay in business very long.

Surely, you are not operating your businesses without a computer.  The question is this.  Is your computer doing everything for you that it could?

With charts and tracking information, you can generate more profits, keep costs down, learn which employees are producing and which customers are ordering, right from your desk.  Make your computer your most effective employee with database-driven software.

Tom Gruich

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