Five Tips to Hiring Trustworthy Database Design Subcontractors

Five Tips to Hiring Trustworthy Database Design Subcontractors

Deciding to start a new company by bringing in database design subcontractors is one of the most unique business decisions you’ll make. All of your design expertise will now be dependent on how well you communicate your knowledge and how well your subcontractors perform.

But if you are going to be successful in today’s world of rapid business development with multiple clients whose needs must be meet in a way only achievable by your innovative data algorithms, you will need the assistance of others.

Likewise, you’ll need to learn to let go and let other people handle some of the tasks in your business, including most of your client work. This will allow you to do the things in which you are most capable.

5 Smart Ways to Subcontract into a New Business

1. Get references. And actually call those references. If the references all give glowing reviews, you’re ready for the next step. If the references are less than glowing, you may want to find out why.

2. Check the potential subcontractor’s portfolio and website. If his own site isn’t up to your standards, chances are, his work won’t be either.

3. Consider a trial project. Contract him to do one small project and see how he handles it. If you ask him to edit a 500 field database schema that you wrote and he takes 3 weeks, you know he’s not going to be a good fit. If he returns one hour later and has truly made the schema better, you’re golden.

4. Make sure you both sign a contract. Include how much he will be paid, allowances for increases in rates later on, a point at which the contract will be re-evaluated and specific instructions on what will happen if either one of you wants out of the contract. You’ll also need to include specific information on what happens if either one of you breaches the contract. You’ll also want to include a confidentiality clause. In any case, make sure you consult an attorney before signing any contract.

5. Communicate effectively. Make sure that you provide clear instructions and that your subcontractor understands what you are wanting. If a mistake does happen or there is a miscommunication, review the situation with your subcontractor so that both of you understand what went wrong.

Follow these five tips and you can start and grow your new database design business from a solo entrepreneurship to a company run on teamwork that handles several clients and many projects with ease.

Tom Gruich

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