Credit Card Theft Protection.

Theft threats are growing at an alarming rate. When you consider your financial condition, you must be careful with protecting your credentials. Now that new electronic technology has become a reality, your vulnerability of information thievery has expanded. You need to think about protecting your credit cards from being electronically hijacked via electronic methods. Your account numbers and passwords can now be obtained illegally through RFID technology.

The purpose of RFID protective credit card cases is to protect your personal information from being scanned by unauthorized individuals. According to research conducted by several organizations, the new smart cards, driver’s licenses and passports that include data-containing RFID tags can be scanned from as far away as 10 feet without the owner’s knowledge. These new tags are capable of storing a considerable amount of electronic data. One of the pieces of information that will be stored on the new passports and possibly other ID cards is your social security number.

Identity Thieves Are Growing At An Alarming Rate.

Typical wallets are not enough to interfere with a scan. Putting a card in a wallet and then sticking it in a purse or pocket has been compared to wearing a t-shirt with your social security number printed on it for everyone to see.  Identity theft is on the rise as most people are aware. Identity thieves access information by stealing mail, going through people’s trash, hacking into computer e-mail accounts and by using phishing schemes to get people to volunteer their information.

The More Protection You Take – The Better!

As more and more people have become aware of this issue, they take precautions. They may rent locking post office boxes to protect written correspondence. They may shred any documents containing personal information such as social security or credit card numbers. Some are starting to use better passwords, better firewalls and other software to deter hackers. The public has been advised about the phishing schemes and told not to respond to suspicious emails.

Keep Track Of Your Spending Habits And Amounts.

The protective credit card cases have come on the market because thieves have had to get smarter. Since their efforts are blocked in many other ways, they have created devices that will store credit card information when the card is swiped at an unattended gas pump, for example. Consumers must be careful to track spending on their credit and debit cards down to the penny and notify the issuing company if they notice something suspicious. Even the credit card companies’ security departments are paying close attention to unusual expenditures to prevent loss on their part.


The advice provided to you in this writeup is intended to alert you about a situation that could be harmful to your financial status. In addition, the above descriptions offer the solution of preparing your self with electronic signal blocking items. You might think of the RFID protective credit card cases as a new loss prevention step. Thieves could easily steal radio frequency scanners or even build their own. They could sit on a park bench and do some electronic pick pocketing, while appearing to be looking at their cell phones. Take advantage of the offers made in the marketplace for obtaining these protective measures. You can only help yourself by taking the trouble to secure your financial future by protecting your current situation. Act now for best results.

Tom Gruich

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