The Feasibility Of An Accurate And Secure DBMS Can Make Your Business A Success.

Medical Applications suffer more costs because of the lack of quality DBMS (Database Management System) designers, developers and installers. If you are the small business owner and you have the skills of a software technologist you can be the provider of these services. Otherwise, you can contract the requirements out for a skilled expert. Either way, you can apply the ideas of this article to your knowledge bank for the benefit of your small business success.

Under the category of “software small business”, you will see hundreds of products. The big manufacturers target smaller businesses by advertising under that heading. The owners find the prices appealing. But are they really getting what they need?

Carefull Examination Of Application Requirements Always Crucial.

Let’s look at medical applications as an example. The proper storage of health-related records is essential in order for businesses to be compliant with HIPAA and other regulations. From a purely ethical standpoint, it is essential to protect the patient’s privacy and identity.

Practices also need management tools for scheduling patients and employees. An accurate billing system needs to be in place. The requirements of various insurance companies need to be considered. What will the insurer pay? What is the patient’s co-pay? Does the patient’s insurance cover the procedure?

Application Requirements Can Overwhelm Poorly Constructed DBMS Designs.

Inventory needs to be monitored. Controlled substances need to be followed carefully from the time of receipt until they are delivered to the patient. Expiration dates need to be recorded and tracked. Steps must be taken to ensure that expired medications were disposed of properly. Flushing the pills is no longer an option because of pollution issues.

It must be easy for everyone in the office to operate the system and find the information they need. Can off-the-rack software small business medical applications fulfill all of the practice needs? What the practice manager often ends up doing is buying a variety of different software packages to try and meet all of those needs. But, the packages operate separately.

An Effective And Secure Application Needs The Software Integration Provided By A DBMS.

Even though they are loaded into the main practice database, they are not integrated. If the billing, receiving, scheduling and inventory systems are not integrated, errors will occur. The office will quickly become disorganized because the system is disorganized. The risk of handing out expired samples increases.

There is an increased risk that the patient’s privacy will not be protected. When it comes to medical applications, there is an obvious need for a well-designed customized script. Products sold under the heading of software small business cannot provide that. A good DBMS designer can.


The key requirement of multi-application integration is a well-designed DBMS that serves the needs of any business. Even though this write up uses the medical application as an example that focuses on the complexities of business operations, all of this applies equally to every other kind of business including supply chain management, RFID tracking, GPS fleet tracking, etc. Each automated system you consider will require the best integrated database that only a DBMS can give you.

Tom Gruich

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