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Newly Designed Embedded Message Center Helps Business Thrive.

By thinking of business data transactions as messages you open your mind to new database design possibilities that can help you articulate more effective business models. The metaphor becomes a reality when you begin to actually incorporated the idea into the software. This message center can benefit your company and your employees simultaneously. The company […]

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Is GPS Software For Your Company?

GPS software could help increase your company’s profitability. A designer’s project planning document will help you see the costs and potential profits before the system is installed. The project planning is really a set of three important reports. These reports cover feasibility, requirements analysis and specifications. The feasibility and requirements analysis are topics you or […]

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Taking the Hassel Out of Tracking Medical Records

Taking the Hassel Out of Tracking Medical Records Keeping track of patient’s medical records has always been a hassle.  Today, because of regulations concerning patient privacy and security, it can be even more difficult and frustrating. In years past, some doctors would hand the record of the visit to the patient including X-rays and test […]

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Start A Business Fast With A Database Driven Autoresponder.

To start your business in a speedy manner, you need to consider obtaining database software that will run on your PC and give you the automation you need to run a mailing list. An autoresponder is simply software that you can easily get for free or for a small monthly cost that will be well […]

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Telemetry and Innovative Sensor Data Analysis Systems

Systems on chips are driving new applications into existence like telemetry, remote reading of bio-info and mini pharmaceutical labs. This allows biological measurements to be taken at remote locations like Indy race cars and space vehicles. Telemetry thus becomes a real time data collection system that can be analyzed Immediately.The trend toward the miniaturization of […]

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