Who to Talk to About an RFID Software System

An RFID software system can be used for tracking inventory and other administrative purposes.  When designing the systems, it is important for business owners or administrative personnel to get input from contractors, subcontractors and employees. It is the company’s daily operations that generate profits or contribute to loss.  The people responsible for generating profits and preventing losses could include salespeople, shipping personnel, dock workers, stockers, truck drivers, etc.

Anyone who works for or with the business owner could have an impact.  If you are the business owner, it will save you time and money to get input from those people whenever you are installing new computer systems.

There are small programs that could affect only a few employees.  But everyone is truly involved in inventory tracking.

If your employees, contractors and subcontractors are not involved, your auditors will be frustrated.  Your reports will be full of discrepancies.  Your stockholders will be disappointed.

It is difficult enough to get new projects approved and funded.  It could be impossible if your inventory is consistently inaccurate.  Discrepancies indicate that products are being lost somewhere along the supply line.

Discrepancies are less likely to occur when you start using an RFID software system with the latest tags and readers, assuming you know where your problems are currently. That’s the kind of information your contractors or subcontractors may be able to provide.

Being proactive is always better than being reactive.  Companies that start out with the latest electronic tools typically fair better.  They reach the break-even point and start to turn a profit faster than companies that invested less.  In other words, these systems can quickly pay for themselves.

When you look at the final cost of a customized package, you might think an RFID software system is unaffordable.  Assuming you are getting an estimate from an experienced designer, he or she is only offering solutions to the problems you have expressed.  If loss of inventory is cutting into your profits, then the costs of a customized program are fully justified.

Most database designers are contractors or subcontractors.  They work for you until the project is done.  Some design companies provide training for your employees and offer future support, should something go wrong.

Choosing the right designer is as important as careful planning and discussing the new project with your employees and co-workers.  The right designer can create an RFID software system that helps you grow your business, which should be your ultimate goal.

Tom Gruich

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